All the odds for the Khabib v McGregor fight

There is little doubt that this contest is the most exciting and anticipated in the history of the UFC. The rivalry continues to boil over following the recent press conference as McGregor attempts to get under the skin of the Russian.

Khabib has never experienced something of this magnitude so could this play against him come fight night? The infographic below covers the attributes of both fighters in more detail so you can make your betting selections.

Khabib known as ‘the eagle’ brings into the contest an unbeaten record of 26-0-0. His wrestling style has continued to mean the 30 year old is one of the most avoided fighters on the UFC roster but he now gets his super fight.

McGregor brings in one of the most destructive knock out records in the UFC and has an overall record of 23-3-0 with two of those defeats coming at the start of his career. He is returning following a two year break but had previously put in a stunning performance of the night victory over Eddie Alvarez. Can he do the same to Khabib?


Fight result:
Khabib Nurmagomedov (4/7)
Conor McGregor (6/4)

Method of victory:
By KO/TKO: Khabib Nurmagomedov (10/3)
By KO/TKO: Conor McGregor (13/8)
By Points: Khabib Nurmagomedov (9/2)
By Points: Conor McGregor (13/1)

Will the fight go the distance:
Yes (16/5)
No (4/17)

What round will fight end:
Round 1: 23/10
Round 2: 3/1
Round 3: 9/2
Round 4: 15/2
Round 5: 9/1