All the odds for the Khabib v McGregor fight

There is little doubt that this contest is the most exciting and anticipated in the history of the UFC. The rivalry continues to boil over following the recent press conference as McGregor attempts to get under the skin of the Russian.

Khabib has never experienced something of this magnitude so could this play against him come fight night? The infographic below covers the attributes of both fighters in more detail so you can make your betting selections at Continue reading “All the odds for the Khabib v McGregor fight”

MMA Previews coming soon

We have football and rugby covered, but we’ll also be throwing all our wight behind the genius that is the UFC! If you haven’t seen it yet then you seriously need to. It’s a bit like watching Audley Harrison fight against David Haye, apart from faster. and with more punches, and kicks, and holds, and screams, and panic and mayhem.

We’ll be previewing UFC 137 (when St Pierre comes up against Diaz in the headline match-up) very, very soon.