Soccer Betting: World Cup Betting Expected to Reach $35 Billion

Every four years, the World Cup takes the world by storm. It is a tournament that diverts the attention of different people from different areas of life as they fixate on football. Now, some NFT competition platforms are expecting to capitalize on the hype of the game by adding soccer to their product offering.

Many platforms until now have been focusing on NFT prize draws and competitions. The World Cup is predicted to see a 65% increase in sports betting from the 2018 tournament. The bettors from the USA have planned to place more than $1.8 billion in bets. So, there has been a massive increase in sports betting in the 2022 World Cup in comparison to the last one. 

As the tournament is underway, different kinds of people are indulging in the success of their preferred team. Many betting sites are tapping into this opportunity to grab more customers by providing attractive odds. It is the event that betting fans have been waiting for. Some of the top-rank countries are clashing to get their hands on their coveted trophy. Brazil is the market leader for the outright winner when it comes to the betting market.

There is robust competition for the Golden Boot. Some betting platforms are offering live action. The feature is known as Live Betting. It allows you to place bets while watching the game. To make the most of the World Cup season, some of the platforms are offering exclusive offers. So, the site users can claim these offers to place bets on their favorite team or player. Using these offers means you will have to spend less from your pocket, while also having the chance to play at the site for a longer time.