Michel Platini happy with WC 2022 in Winter Season

Michel Platini is one of the highest authorities in football as the Frenchman is the president of UEFA and his influence in the world of football is simply huge. Platini forms part of a group that have to take decisions concerning major events such as: The World Cup and the Euro’s.

Platini has insisted in displaying his support towards the 2022 World Cup taking place in winter. The problem with this is that the climatic condition and weather of Qatar during winter can reach temperatures that can seriously affect the health of the players in the pitch.

FIFPro is the worldwide representative organization for over 60,000 and the general secretary of this football authority has explained that they will not allow the health of players to be put in risk and have revealed their intentions of doing everything they can in advising the players on not going.

“We will take all necessary measures. They are asking too much. The health and safety of the players is always more important than the financial and commercial interests of the clubs.You need the sponsors to play football, but it cannot be priority number one.”FIFPro’s general secretary Van Seggelen said as he talked in a BBC World Football program.

The top clubs of Europe are also advising the football authorities to change the date of the upcoming 2022 World Cup to May because if it takes place in the winter it would also cause a huge scramble with their respective domestic leagues.

The preference of FIFA is to have the 2022 World Cup in November and December but a more reasonable date that would avoid having any clashes with the domestic league schedules of European clubs is to have it moved to May as this would also benefit the climatic weather of Qatar which would be more appropriate and ideal status for players to perform without being in risk of suffering any risk with their health.