United States passed ahead of Group Matches in 2010 WC

United States managed to make it past the 2010 group stages of the World Cup which was a very impressive feat as their group saw them facing off with: Germany, Portugal and Ghana. The American team wasn’t favorites on advancing through but thanks to goal difference, they managed on doing it.

One of the star performers of the squad was the 35 year old goal-keeper Tim Howard who received a few man of the match awards due to his consistent saves which kept his team competing and not falling behind. When United States progressed to the round of 16 and faced off with Belgium, Howard broke the record for most saves in a World Cup match as he made 15 saves and he was awarded with another man of the match but it still wasn’t enough for United States as they ultimately lost 2-1.

When the American squad returned to their home soil in the United States, they were congratulated by President Barack Obama as he stated that the performances by the team made everyone proud.

Tim Howard was so satisfied by everything that he has recently expressed his desire to continue playing at the international stage with his fellow countryman and to perform in the 2018 World Cup but this will be fairly difficult to do taking into consideration that he will be 39 years old when the next World Cup arrives.

“My muscles will be much more unforgiving. This group in 2014 inspired me to want to go to 2018 because the group was just amazing. The ride we went on was incredible and I want to be a part of that again, you know? It was special.” Tim Howard said.

The squad of JurgenKlinsmann does not really have a goal-keeper in the same level or experience as Tim Howard, he does have a genuine chance on performing in the 2018 World Cup but it depends if he is able to continue playing at a high level at the age of 39.