Vincenzo Montella wants to return to the UEFA Champions League

Ac.Milan´s latest UEFA Champions League title was back during the season of 2006-17, from there on out they have struggled trying to even qualify for the prestigious European competition but VincenoMontella is optimistic that the future of Ac.Milan is starting to light up and that they have a realistic chance to start qualifying as well as competing at a high level against their potential opponents that the Italian club gets the chance to face off with in the near future.

¨I’m full of enthusiasm. The team is growing and becoming complete with new players arriving all from different leagues so I think our aim is to qualify for the Champions League. We are going to have to fight with teams like Roma, Inter, Lazio, Atalanta and Napoli and it’s going to be hard work, but I expect my side to show the same spirit from last year and I can see a lot of enthusiasm among the fans. Our objectives are realistic¨ Ac.Milan´sVincenoMontella said.

One of the main reasons of why Vincenzo Montella is so optimistic about the future of Ac.Milan is mainly due to the amount of signings that the Italian club has completed during the 2017 summer transfer window which has seen Ac.Milan acquire the services of: Mateo Musacchio, Franck Kessie, HakanCalhanoglu, Ricardo Rodriguez, Andre Silva, Fabio Borini and Andrea Conti are all of the summer transfers that Ac.Milan has completed.

At the time of writing this article, those players previously mentioned are the ones that Vincenzo Montella has lured in to San Siro as well as the contract extension of Vincenzo Montella wants to return to the UEFA Champions League who decided to remain with Ac.Milan at least until 2021.

With all of these new arrivals, its no surprise to see Montella so optimistic about his team and their chances of experiencing a revival, which is something that the Italian club desperately needs.