Vietnam legalize betting

The Government has decided to legalize betting in Vietnam following years of intense discussion.

This will be a relief for much Vietnamese who were forced to bet with illegal bookmakers. The legalization of betting that now the police can monitor closely the bookmarkers and ensure that there is no scam taking place.

However, the authorities have stated that they will monitor the betting sector closely so as to avoid any kind of abuse. They believe that the legalization of betting will allow the police greater freedom to control the sector and also provide some protection to gamblers.

At this moment online betting is not allowed, and all betting should be carried out at selected bookmakers. The Vietnamese authority said that it is easier for them to monitor brick and mortar bookmarkers at the moment and that they are working on a legal framework to help them cater for online betting as well.

A spokesman said that betting in Vietnam has exploded during recent years and it was important for the government to find ways to control this activity. He believes that the legalization of betting will provide more security for the gamblers as well as the public in general.

Indeed, betting has been developing steadily in Vietnam as in many Asiatic regions, and governments in these areas are looking for ways to monitor illegal betting.

Many people believe that the legalization of betting will allow the government to have better control on this sector and also prevent criminals from using the betting industry to launder black money.

Vietnamese authorities said that they are now working on legalizing the online betting sector and they hope that this will become a reality before the end of the year. For the moment they are focusing on combating illegal bookmakers and giving them incentives to register themselves.