Hull City staying up the Premier League was always going to require a vast change in fortunes and a miracle as big as Noah’s ark floating above the waters that destroyed the whole world in Genesis when the Big Guy felt he had had enough of his creations.

After spending their summer in the most bizarre manner where it was reported that at the start of the concluded season Hull had just 8 senior players, it was no surprise that Steven Bruce to jump ship and not risk his legacy on the platter of the owners’ sloppiness.

Another Manchester United retiree (Mike Phelan) was unfortunate enough to take over the reins from Bruce and his record between August and January was nothing short of a disaster. Marcos Silva off from a decent run with Greek side Olympiacos was appointed to take over in January.

In winning their first seven home matches Silva showed that he was something special. Although the Tigers will still get relegated thanks to an insipid display against an already relegated Sunderland; the Portuguese did more than enough to show that he was capable of turning teams into squads and help them display their real potentials and in some cases achieve way above the bench mark set by squad qualities.

Whilst Silva might not have done enough to keep the Tigers up, if he hadn’t been so heavily handicapped by the poor start by his predecessor, he would have stood a fighting chance – it’s a bit like having to play poker at without actually being able to see your own hand!? Silva made the most of what he had, and had the players giving performances well above their previous ones, which was enough to convince other Premier League clubs to give him a shot.

Watford shortly appointed him to take over from Walter Mazzarri after parting with the former Napoli coach. The Hornets also narrowly escaped relegation as they ended the season at the 17th spot on the league table. Not too bad for a team that just got promoted to the league though.

Even if the Portuguese did enough to show that he had something special a full season with a premier club is still remains a valid avenue to weigh what he is truly capable of achieving and just how good he is.