Bunyard face ban because of betting

Nick Bunyard has been banned from all footballing activities after having found betting against his own club.

He was until recently the manager of Frome Town and has been sacked after an inquiry revealed that he was involved in betting activities.

He has been banned until 2019 from all activities involving football and he will have to pay a fine of around 3000 pounds. It is believed that Bunyard had betted against his own side in more than 45 occasions including when he was managing Paulton Rovers.

Nick Bunyard has made more than 95 bets during the period from September 2014 to April 2016. The Football Association has clear guidelines concerning betting, and they are not allowed to place any bets while they are playing or managing a club.

Nick Bunyard has been suspended by Frome Town when they find out about the FA inquiries.

Similarly, Joey Barton has also received a one-match ban after being found to be involved in betting activities. The Scottish Football Federation has concluded that Barton has breached their regulations when it comes to betting and he will have to serve a one-match ban.

Rangers had already ended Barton’s contract when they heard about the Scottish Federation investigation, and the player will have to serve his one-match ban if ever he signs a new contract with a team.

Joey Barton said he regrets his actions and that he knows he has breached the regulation. He said that he now wants to play football and that he is working hard to regain his fitness. He said that he is opened to any offer that may come his way during the January transfer window and that he will do his best to help his new team.

At the moment, he is training with Burnley.