Sutton United’s Wayne Shaw resigned after pie-eating betting issues

On February 20 of the ongoing year, Sutton United hosted Arsenal for their FA Cup match and it resulted in a 2-0 triumph for the team of Arsene Wenger as they came out on top with a victory but the highlight of this encounter was not the actual game or the result, there was something that occurred off of the pitch that has caused an aftermath and has reached the headlines of football websites and magazines from around the world.

At around the 80th minute of this FA Cup match between Sutton United and Arsenal, on the sidelines of the home team, the substitute goalkeeper Wayne Shaw could be seen starting to eat a pie. In that same period of time, an English newspaper’s betting company that was also sponsoring Sutton United for this specific match had posted a 8-1 odds that Wayne Shaw was going to eat something in the actual game.

As the match was reaching it’s final few stages and it was fairly evident that he was not going to perform in this match, the 45 year old English shot-stopper opted to start eating the pie and this has resulted with Wayne Shaw resigning.

This decision from the recently resigned shot-stopper caught the attention of a governing body that has the task to regulate commercial gambling and unfortunately for Wayne Shaw, there are rules which prohibits players from any type of gambling during a match – even if it’s just looking up the latest odds or checking out the latest Jackpotjoy promo code – even though at this point in time there is no actual evidence of Wayne Shaw actually profiting from eating the pie, the substitute player still opted to abandon his position in the club.

When Wayne Shaw actually started to eat the pie during the match, it was a surprising and funny thing to see. Commentators in the actual game talked about him but something as simple as that brought forth huge consequences.