Kluivert called for questioning

Former Dutch striker Patrick Kluivert has been questioned by the Dutch police following the arrest of a gang involved in illegal betting.

It appears that Kluivert owes the gang some money and that they were applying pressure in order to recover their funds.

However, there is no proof at the moment that Patrick Kluivert has been involved in any illegal activities and his lawyer said that the police only wanted additional information on the case.

It all started when the police arrested a gang that was pressurisingKluivert to repay money that he owed them. They issued threats, and this prompted the former Ajax striker to seek the assistance of the police who arrested the gang.

However, during their investigations, it was found that Patrick Kluivert was involved in betting during the time when he was the coach of FC Twente’s reserve team. He placed bets on the first team’s result during the season 2011 and 2012, but at this time it was not an illegal thing to do.

However, the player has spent a lot of money on betting and has been found owing to the gang in excess of one million euros. Although he has paid part of the money that he owed to the gang, they were still looking for a full payment and had been threatening Patrick Kluivert to give them all the money that he owed.

Police inquiries have found no connection between Patrick Kluivert and the world of match fixing at the moment.

Patrick Kluivert is currently the director of sport for Paris Saint-Germain, and the French club has refused to make any statement on this betting affair. A spokesperson for the French club said that they would not make any comment on a problem that the club is not involved directly.