Distin Confesses Fixed Thoughts

Sylvain Distin, the defender from Everton has admitted that Europa League sure has its own drawbacks; however the players still relish the opportunity to be a part and play in this competition.

The Toffees have moved back to the 6th place post its win against Cardiff this Saturday, along with Liverpool badly defeating Manchester United. With this they have managed to block themselves the last spot in the qualifiers. The Champions League however looks a little out of hand right now as Manchester City, the 4th placed team is around nine points forward with just a single match at the moment in hand. Nevertheless, the 2nd tier competition seems a realistic option to bag.

The toffees at present have four players in their squad who are on loan and any sort of European campaign can turn out to be pretty detrimental, however Distin still insists that if they walk out successful they would surely give it a go. It is somewhat a very fixed feeling since saying no to a chance of playing international standard football in Europe is just unfortunate. As a player how can one say no to a opportunity as such, he added.

However, it is an entirely different ballgame as compared to the Champions League if finances are taken into consideration. The added problem is the squad is pretty small and a lot of travel is involved in this. Sure it would be absolutely amazing to travel back to Europe for the fans and the club, but as far as the team is concerned, if the size doesn’t increase it will get kind of tricky to manage that.

If the bigger picture is taken under consideration, they have to seriously make sure that participation in the Europa League doesn’t take a toll on the ongoing league.