Free Bets

We’ll cut to the chase. Here are this week’s top free betting offers…

Bet Clic – £30 No Lose Bet
Bet £30 with Marcel Desailly’s favourite bookies, and if you lose you can have it back, and you can even withdraw it! It’s literally a free bet!

Ladbrokes – £50 Free Bet
Get up to £50 in a free matched bet! One of the best offers on the market right now as they try to woo football and rugby fans at the start of the season.

Paddy Power – £50 Free Bet
Get upto £50 in free bets! If you can’t make money off this deal, you need to give up gambling for ever (and maybe take up knitting instead?!)

Bet Fred – £50 Free Bet
Matched bet from the Manchester bookmaker Fred Done. They also have some great bet refunds if a certain player scores first!

Bet 365 – £200 in Free Bets
Get upto £200 in Free Bets, and you can even watch the action unfold online – they own streaming rights to many sports as well as Serie A football!

Stan James – £150 in Free Bets
Stan James (one of England’s most reputable bookmakers) are starting the season with upto £150 in free matched bet offers!

Sporting Bet – £100 in Free Bets
Get Free Bets after you place your first, second, third, fourth and fifth bets at Sporting Bet! Some very easy money to be made on this one!

Betdaq – £30 Free Bet
Do you know your game well enough to play the markets? Bet on everything from corners to bookings to goalscorer’s shirt numbers, with £30 free!

William Hill – £25 Free Bet
William Hill are offering all new punters a free matched bet worth up to £25! All you have to do is remember to enter the promotional code ‘F25’ when signing up.

Victor Chandler – £25 Free Bet
Free matched bet worth upto £25 when you place your first bet with Victor – the friendly old man bookmaker. Wipe that smile off his face!

Bwin – £25 Free Bet
Another European bookmaker looking to give money away to attract fans! Make the most of it while they are still offering such great deals!

Expekt – upto £50 Free Bet
Get a free bet worth 50% of your original stake – up to a maximum of £50 – from this European bookmaker trying to make it big in England.

Tote – £10 Free Bet
Not the most inspiring deal for new punters, but a free bet is a free bet! Bet £10 and get a free matched £10 bet. Simples.

Bodog – £10 Free Bet
Free Bet worth £10 when you deposit £10 in your account for the first time with this American bookmaker – also great for NHL, MLB, etc etc.

Football Pools – £100 Free Bet
If you know your football then you can make easy money on the Football Pools. A classic game, offering new customers up to £100 in Free matched bets.

The Free Bets Now Guide to Free Bets

Why do online betting sites give away free bets?
In case you hadn’t noticed, online betting sites make a lot of money for their owners. Whilst the recession has caused some fans to stop going to football matches, or maybe even cancel their Sky Sports TV packages, it hasn’t stopped them from placing bets on their favourite teams. And when people are betting, the online betting sites invariably make money, because there are so many possible eventualities and only one of them ever comes to pass.

Online betting sites are keen to get you to spend your hard-earned cash on their site instead of at a competitors, which is why they give out ‘free bets’ – to tempt you to their site, in the hope that you’ll stay there, and keep giving them your money every week!

What types of free bets are there?
Matched Bets – The majority of the free bet offers centre around giving you punters a ‘matched bet’. They will basically give you a bet that is the same value as the first bet you make – if you bet £25, you will get a free £25 bet. Bet £5 and you’ll get a £5 bet. Be aware that when you bet with a matched bet then you only ever receive the winnings – if you bet £10 on a dead-cert at 1/10 you would only get £1 back in winnings, rather than the £11 you would have expected.

No Lose Bets – Betdaq offer these (amongst others). Basically its the same as a free matched bet, apart from you only get it if you lose!

How do I win with free bets?
The most obvious way to win is to put a free bet on one eventuality, and then hedge your bets by backing the other eventuality with real money. This works especially brilliantly in tennis betting (where there is never a draw) or in golf betting (whe you can bet on who will win out of two / three golfers). You are basically backing both eventualities, and therefore have to win. If you judge the stakes and odds correctly you can make a LOT of money.

Where can I find the best free bet offers?
Thats obvious – right here at Free Bets Now. We update our site on a daily basis with all the latest offers from online betting sites. We also continue to scour the market for new sites, so that you can continue to get brand new free bet offers each and every time you visit! :)